Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's HERE!!!!

And now let the creativity process begin....ummm.....yeah......

The theme is "Trading Forever". I am feeling a little anxious about this project because I have no idea where ti start. So, I sit here (in my grade 9 Art class) and I wonder....where to begin.

I am asking for some input. What would you trade forever?


  1. I would trade away forever(after reading the fine print):
    Menstral cramps
    2 year old tantrums
    My mortgage
    And in return I would like:
    210 growing days in Calgary
    To win the lottery for $300,000
    Musical ability
    And I would make those trades forevee assuming there is no down side such as no mortgage means I'm homeless etc

  2. I would trade:
    ALL things technological, for greater family unities and individual human awakening to potential.
    Market economy, individual wealth, greed, for NO human suffering.
    My very life, for my childrens' salvation.
    Past regrets for present-day peace of mind/forgiveness.